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Grand Designs


Kelly was one of four designers across NSW who was selected to design a living room space for Kevin McCloud in the Grand Designs Live Exhibition. “Luxury, tonal warmth, linear design and immaculate attention to detail shone through in this 32m2 space.”  Judging Panel 2014


Conceptually the design was based on Australia’s unique mega-diversity. A country of extreme variable climate and great seasonal change inspired a concept of the elements – earth, air, fire and water. The brief for the exhibition was based around the client: a 45 year-old woman from Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, with a penchant for luxury and a style that exudes sophistication.

Rich copper’s, leathers, wool felt textures, oak flooring and a spectacular painting crafted in the desert, helped create this lavish New York loft style space.


Design aspects including a water feature, custom-made 2m fire place and an indoor-outdoor garden are created to tap into the senses.

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