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Inner City Sanctuary



The catalyst for an SOS call?  Sitting in a cold dimly-lit villa on a freezing winter’s day, with drafts coming through the worn Kauri floorboards and water seeping through the once beautiful stained-glass windows.

“Make it warm, make it light and make it liveable”, were the owner’s instructions. 

What once was their dream come true - buying in one of Auckland’s trendiest suburbs  - was fast becoming unbearable as the reality of winter in a cold run down villa set in.


One winter too many.  This three-bedroom home needed a complete overhaul in order to deliver the light and love the owner’s had dreamed of.  ‘Into the Light’ would become the catchphrase and the concept for this 110 year old villa. Drawing the home out of the dark by making improvements to the floor plan, amenities, finishes and fixtures, and creating a more sustainable footprint by adding photovoltaics, a ventis system, skylights and insulation.  

It was also essential to create the all important indoor-outdoor flow, complete with contemporary landscaping and a Canadian hot tub.  

Result?  "It's now a home that we can't wait to come home to!" Clients, Auckland

Renovation incl landscape: $300k

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