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Relaxing in Redfern


Set in one of the more colourful suburbs in central Sydney, the owner’s ‘get in get out’ approach worked well on this uninviting 3-bedroom 3-level flip.


Dropping just $48k on the renovation paid dividends, transforming this dark, narrow terrace into a light inner-city sanctuary complete with 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, an office and large garage.


The Brief: “Make us some money” The Design Resolution: Transform the uninviting into a light, airy, contemporary space: Do this by redesigning the floor plan and flow, cut into the ceiling to use the roof pitch for office space, add a divider wall to the 2nd lounge room, insert skylights, add a plush backyard oasis, blonde the floorboards, reorganise the lighting plan, paint all interiors in a warm light hue, alter the soft furnishings and style. Voila.


The Outcome: $400k profit / $1450 per week rent - an increase from $875/week

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